Three Handsome Young Rhode Island Red Roosters For Sale


Free Ranging
6 Years
Sep 18, 2015
I have three Rhode Island Red roosters that need new homes. They are about 20 weeks old and are beautiful and healthy. They are very large and handsome and would be great for breeding.

I would hate to get rid of them, but we just have too many roosters. They are from a healthy free range flock, and they have been given apple cider vinegar in their water from day one and have very glossy feathers as a result. I want to find a good home(s) for them where they will be happy and healthy.

$30 for all, or $15 each. I live near Savannah Georgia, and can meet up anywhere within an hour away. I will consider shipping them if I can't find any local interest. Thank you! :)
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These guys need new homes asap. I'm having to keep them separate from the rest of the flock because there's too many roosters. I want to find a good loving home for them.

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