three inch dog bite

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  1. sunflowerfarms

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    Mar 9, 2012
    My first and favorite chicken, Penny just got a huge 3 inch dog bite in her back. I just gave her some honey water and she drank a ton, she is now wrapped up in a heating blanket and on my bed. I outlined the cut on her back with neosporen(without pain relief kind) and put some gause on top of the cut. She really wants to go to sleep, but still looks around if I move a bunch. Im going to hard-boil an egg and give it to her. She JUST moved right now for the first time in a few hours. Help! Is there anything I need to know more? You are welcome to pray for her too! Thank you!!!
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    She will need an antibiotic shot for the bite. Bites almost always get infected.
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    As a devout Muslim I will pray for your pet. I assume you have a way to keep her safe after such a bad experience. My little birds are free ranged bur have lots of great hiding places when they see hawks etc.... May you find strength to help your wee and fragile subject. I do know much basic suture issues if you need help.
    سبحان الله
  4. sunflowerfarms

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    Mar 9, 2012
    Thank you, I wouldn't have known that. I will contact the vet tomorrow! :) She is drinking a ton and the warm blanket is waking her up a bit! She still wants to sleep though.

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