Three New Girls

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  1. This is our first time keeping chickens :)
    My family just bought 3 pullets, each 8 weeks old. There is one lavender orpington, one coronation sussex, and one bantam mottled cochin. The coronation sussex sometimes pecks at the other hens but I think she's just nervous. They all group together even when I separate them. The lavender orpington is like the leader, she can always calm everyone down. The bantam cochin is really skittish (and fast). They all seem to get along well except for small amounts of pecking each other. Is that a natural thing for pullets to do? They have lots of space in the coop, but never leave each others side. Anyone have any advice on caring for them?


    From top to bottom: coronation sussex, lavender orpington, bantam mottled cochin. Thanks for reading this thread and please comment some advice any beginning chicken keeper should know!
  2. ChickenCanoe

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    As long as they don't draw blood, they should be fine. This is when they're working out the pecking order.
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    It's very natural. As CC said, unless they're drawing blood, don't worry about it.

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