Three silkie roosters in West LA

swami omkara

6 Years
Jul 5, 2013
Two black and one partridge silkie roosters need a new home.
They are now mature - 6 months old.
They have been running free in my garden with the 3 hens but I live in LA City zone, so it is time for them to move on...

They make excellent pets and would also be good for breeding. I can put you in touch with the breeder that I got them from.

Free to good homes ... whenever you can collect.
I live in Valley Center, Ca 45 min away from San Diego I'm interested in 1 but i have no way of trannsportation :/
I also have no transport, but might be able to arrange some ...
When would suit you if I could find a driver?

Thanks for your interest - you will love these roosters ...

Om shanti,
Swami Omkara
Yes, they are free to a good home.
They need to be in a coop at night and protected from predators during the day.
Do you already have chickens?

Ive had chickens then i gave them away cuz i moved nd they didn't allow pets on the greyhound bus i also had 3ducks aha

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