Three - Update now 2 adult Bronze hens breeder stock - $35 each (obo)

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    These are from our breeder stock and just beautiful...The best pictures are on our desktop which has just crashed so I can only offer you this photo which shows several of our breeder hens with a tom. (One picked up by a local non BYC, now have 2 turkey hens for sale).

    They are priced at $35 (obo) each.

    Our farm is chemical free and we take the care of our 400+ animals very seriously as we farm full time. We give our poultry the best of sprouted grains, feed and fresh veggies grown on our farm. For more information about our farm, please do visit our website.

    see feedback for us in the old system


    as well as the new BSA system.

    Pickup only please

    Please pm me with any questions. Thanks for your interest and have a blessed day. Nancy
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    I so wish you were closer! I have been looking for a couple more hens for over a year!!!
    BTW, the reds I have in with your buffs are starting to get their darker plumage, the Jersey buffs will stay tan, right? Still trying to make sure I don't accidentally sell the Buffs as reds!!
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