Three White African Dewlap - youngsters (sold individually or togather)

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  1. Marty1876

    Marty1876 Hi Everyone!

    Three goslings with parents at this time - all very healthy and active -
    2 aged 10 weeks old
    1 aged 8 weeks old


    These are NOT SEXED. I do NOT vent sex. Suggest purchase trio for best pair odds.

    Sold either $75 peer each, or trio for $200 - THESE ARE SHOW QUALITY BIRDS - SEE PARENT PICS

    These are right on with APA standards for size, no black feathers (even on female parents)

    Note: in pic shown, the birds just come out of our rather muddy pond...any dark spots are MUD not black feathers!!! Also, one of the youngsters is starting to get it's neck dewlap ALLREADY !!

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