Three White Chinese Gosling Girls in Missouri

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    Mar 7, 2008
    I have three White Chinese goslings I need to part with. All three have been vent sexed and are girls. I don't have any Chinese ganders, but with how common the breed is one shouldn't be hard to find.

    White Chinese have the long, long necks and the bump on their bill. They are incredible watch dogs and make great weeder geese. They don't fit in our breeding program so they need to go. They are already a few weeks old and can be placed outside without a heat light so long as they don't get cold or wet (and we don't get below the 50s at night). If you have a 100w regular bulb to put on them outside they'll do great. They are also still young enough to effectively teach how to weed a garden.

    The girls are $18 each or $45 for all three. I do have cheap males of other breeds I can sell if you want babies next year and don't care if they're pure.

    If you are interested in the pair please EMAIL me at omniskies at gmail dot com

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