Throat Of Glass | Prolouge - A story about a young silkie chicken

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    Oct 19, 2011
    I'm writing a story about my silkie chicken, care to read it?
    I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this topic, I put it here because it's a story about my chicken, but I have seen other people put their stories in the Games, Jokes, And Fun forum.

    Constructive criticism welcome [​IMG]

    Characters: (Added as they are introduced)

    Cinnamon | The main character. She is a beautiful red silkie chick.
    Basil | Cinnamon's sister. She is a blue silkie hen.


    Life spills around me as everything comes into focus, the pale, tinted figures of my siblings, and the shell of my birthing. Stupidly, I blink in confusion as the wind flirts with the plumes that curl over their heads, teasing it over their eyes.

    “Sister, why don’t you dance?” The starry face of one of my sisters comes into view as I lay in the remains of my egg, wet with yolk. I shake my head slowly, to her disappointment.

    “To dance?” I am unfamiliar with this strange word that gnaws at the back of my mouth, urging me to understand.

    “Yes sister, to dance like all of the others.” She says this carefully and slowly to me, as if I am dangerous and foreign.

    And I am confused. Why should I be though? Naturally shouldn’t I want to frolic with my brethren, to listen to the sounds of the echoes that gambol around the walls of our prison? But I don’t. I’d prefer to watch them as they curtsy to each other, left alone as a mere spectator. But she’d never allow it. Even though I hardly know her I know my sister was too concerned for me to just let the others plod on me, at the bottom of the pecking order. My heart quivers within my chest as I reply to her:

    “Why?” My pathetic reply consists of only one word, as if I am too weak to say anything longer than that. But I’m not.

    "Life is a gift sister. Enjoy it. It doesn’t last forever.” I stumbled to my feet as she spoke, engaged by the gentle and dear words she spoke to me. Throwing myself next to her, I sang.

    “No better time than the present to learn then.” I responded, chirping at her side while she studied me carefully.

    “And that I will teach you,” She preened my forehead with her mouth as I gaped at her in wonder. How lucky I was! To have a dancer instruct me on how to dance with the wind, letting its songs engulf me in their beauty. I carefully tread behind her as she guides my feet through a maze of commotion, taking great caution to make sure I do not get lost.
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    Jul 27, 2011
    Sounds really interesting. Can't wait to hear more! [​IMG]
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    Mar 1, 2009
    Muskogee OK
  4. Gosnake

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    Oct 19, 2011
    Thank you, it has been fun to write so far. [​IMG]
    I can't wait until the real Cinnamon and Basil come, only three weeks to go.
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