Thumbs up for my neighbors.


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Apr 30, 2008
We have radically different philosophies from our neighbors about spending money to make things like the yard look pretty etc (they spend money on those kinds of things and we don't). I have to say though that they are completely on line with the whole poultry thing. They have none and we have, well, a bunch now. We wanted to move our tractors to a field that we share with them and they were sooooo enthusiastic about the idea. She even told us to put the tractors anywhere in the field that we wanted. Turns out that they had planned to plant their part of the field so they're thrilled to participate in our process. Now that the economy is what it is, I'm pretty sure that they'll help in any way possible. So I'm cheerfully hauling the tractors across their property as well as ours, creating plots for planting next spring.

Probably helps that we give them eggs and they get one of our turkeys this holiday season but they give us honey and some of their veggies so it all works out.

So, yay for our neighbors!
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Kiss My Grits...
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May 19, 2008
Western MA
i love it when i hear things like that!...thats so nice that you get along with them!..

[email protected]@2four

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Mar 12, 2008
That's awesome!!! I got the best neighbors too! I'm surrounded by farmlands, so my farming neighbors often stop by with corn, potatoes, tomatoes, peaches, grapes, peppers, zuchini, squash, etc. They love my eggs(which I give in return) and I love their fresh fruits and veggies! They are super kind and SO generous! They have even brought over a big bowl of warm rice pudding!
Gotta love 'em!!!

Linda in San Diego

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May 11, 2008
San Diego
Love it! If my city gets cranky about the number of hens I have, I plan on talking to my neigbors and including their yards in the total area. Little chicken doors to the yards next door so they can have more area. Not that my girls are cramped or unhappy in the area we have. In fact, after a full afternoon of yard ranging, their crops were so full that it was amazing!

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