Thumbs up Holderread. Ducks arrived 6am today, just as expected!


11 Years
Nov 11, 2008
Murray Kentucky
Ordered 10 Welsh Harlequins from them some time early March and they came in today! In fact, got a spare, just in case.. But, they all look really healthy.

I'm GUESSING that I have 5 males. I'm 99% sure that 3 are males by bill color [which are dark from start to end].. Two others have a lighter color which darkens going to the tip, so I figure those are too.. The others all have fairly light bills.

Will be excited to see what I end up with for sure as far as how many males/females and what mix of gold/silver I ended up with.


This one I figure is male.


yay! I am so excited for my order to get here! They are probably tired of me changing my order and just want to get it to me already
I just switched to TSQ WH and TSQ silkies and added TSQ pair of assorted american geese
Thats like me. I ordered 7 white, 7 emery...changed it to 10 white and 4 emery then changed it to white and a mixture of coloured and they sent me 10 white 4 emery. They were probably glad to see the back of me!!!

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