ticks on chickens???

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    Feb 6, 2012
    Could someone answer a question for me?
    I am brand new!
    We have chickens, lots of them, but are new to keeping them. Only had them a few years and have never really faced sickly ones.
    Our favorite bantum hen, Gracie Mae, had a tick on her face/neck area. My son removed it and noticed her face and neck are swollen and she was sort of gasping, like she had something in her throat. She has plenty of spunk, and has stopped the gasping after he gave her water. I have never known of chickens having ticks on them. I know they will cause a dog to swell up, so I am hoping that since it is removed, she will be fine. Any advice or anyone who has experienced this before? Thanks a bunch. She is a fine hen, I would hate not to take care of her. She has provided many chicks for us to enjoy and admire! Thanks, Audrajean
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    I wouldn't worry too much about it, unless they happen to be poultry ticks. To rule out poultry ticks, carefully examine your roosting area within 30 min. after nightfall. If you find others, you'll have to treat for poultry ticks. You can see how I dealt with them in the link in my sig. line. Good luck!

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