Tiger Canyons-John Varty

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    Has anyone heard of/seen these documentaries??

    I saw it for the first time on Nat. Geo early one morning a few weeks ago, and have since watched a few clips on you-tube.

    I must say, I am torn, while I truely admire what this man does, and would LOVE to do this one day, HOWEVER, I see alot of things he should not be doing.

    for example, he claims to want to re-introduce tigers into the "wild" but to my understanding, he allows un-altered adult tigers to roam Africa without a fence, Tigers are already so precious, especially WHITE tigers, and he has been blessed with THREE white tiger cubs, yet I saw one show, where he was debating" taking a litter of cubs after the mother Julie abandoned her first litter. because he wanted "wild" tigers.

    I just don't understand the logic, I mean, I'm all for re-introducing tigers into the wild, and all, but why do it in AFRICA, Tigers can and WILL mate with lions, and Ligers lack the growth inhibiting hormone to stop them growing, meaning they can get to well over 1000 lbs.

    and besides, why would you want tigers to out-compete already struggling cheetahs, and even lions?

    It just seems like an "I can do it" thing with him, like just because he has these cats, and he CAN let them run wild, supposedly, he will. and not for the welfare of the cats themselves.
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    I just realized I put this in the wrong section :3
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    I havent seen anything about this... I'll have to check it out!
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