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Mar 20, 2017
what do you mean outside tomorrow
Is this one space in a larger building, or a structure of its own?

I think aart is assuming it is one building, and wants to see the outside to try to figure out how well ventilated it is.

It looks to me like one section of a larger building. If so, does it have any ventilation directly to outside? Or only through other parts of the same building?

I would be comfortable putting two chickens in that space for a while, but I know that guineas and chickens are not exactly the same. I don't know the differences well enough to tell how suitable that is for guineas, but I would assume that two important points are safety from predators, and enough ventilation to not stink.

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Clean the wound out, pick out the debris, then apply your ointment. The leg needs to be tended daily.

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