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  1. Charles Tigner

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    Jan 10, 2017
    There seems to have been some inquiry as to the fate of my father's birds.
    Dad passed away in the early 1990's and his partner Warren Starke had left us a few years prior.

    I was away attending college around the time of my father's passing. While I was back home for his funeral his wife and I discussed what to do with all of his birds and the associated incubators etc. We agreed that as soon as I was done with my upcoming finals I would come back home,inventory what he had, and seek out interested parties in order to liquidate these assets. We agreed to split the proceeds evenly. Having been the indentured servant of his chicken operation most of my life I never inherited his appreciation of such but I was well aware of his respected status among breeders and showers especially in regards to his champion Silver Penciled Rocks. I wrote his wife a check to cover the cost of feed and the compensation for the fellow that had been helping dad take care of things since going away for school had assured my emancipation. A couple of weeks later I received a letter from his wife containing my check for expenses that I had given her, a check from her in the amount of $25, and a note that read "Some nice man stopped by and offered me $50 for all that mess enclosed is your half". I was, needless to say, upset by her actions as the value of his incubators alone would have covered my expenses for quite some time. She had not bothered to get the name of this "Nice man" and he paid her in cash. As a result I would presume that the fate of his bloodline shall forever be unknown. I apologize that my attempt to offer an answer to a mystery has resulted in yet more mystery. Good fortune to all in their Fowl pursuits. Sincerely,

    Charles deLacy Tigner
    (son of the late Kenneth Charles Tigner Seale Alabama)
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    May 3, 2009
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    A sad story that has been repeated many times with many strains, breeds, and species. Thanks for a thoughtful update.

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