time for kids! (harley, sweetie and tinker ) due 2/5

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    Jun 20, 2009
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    well, looks like its time to begin playing musical cams again!

    lacey has a bit to go.. and since she is outside during the day, i guess we are lucky that our goats like to kid during the day LOL

    Harleys bag has grown quite a bit in the last few days, she could be due as early as the 5th of feb.. she looks like she is right on track. Ligs are soft, whoohaa is swollen but she isnt streaming yet.
    i still need to do some adjusting to the camera, and i will be splitting the goat stall in half when some one gets closer

    Harley is the white doe, Sweetie is the black doe( she is just starting a small bag), and Tinker(maiden tiny bag) is the biggest doe with floppy ears
    if it so happens that one of the goats get really close, the cam will be on them 24/7 i can and most likely will switch back and forth to check on either lacey or the goats.
    as always we are glad to have you in our barn, but please remember that our barn our rules. we are very hands on with all our deliveries, and our critters are spoiled rotten! lol

    if you think someone needs checked on, please dont hesitate to call!! i would rather have a million false alarms and nothing end up being wrong than no calls and have a tragedy happen. the phone numbers are on the cam page

    harley and sweetie have a love hate relationship, especially when it comes to food. dont be worried if you see them butting eachother lol
    looks like harley may have lost her mucous plug, the back of her udder is gooey. her ligs are still there tho
  2. shadowpaints

    shadowpaints Chillin' With My Peeps

    Jun 20, 2009
    Rigby, Idaho
    just put tinker in the goat stall.. harley and sweetie are gonna pick on her till they establish the 'head doe' again. no worries it looks a lot rougher than what it really is!

    tinker has also lost her mucous plug so she is neck in neck with harley!

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