time for the new little ones to sleep outside


8 Years
Apr 22, 2011
ok, i have two big girls and four babies but they are ready to sleep outside. how do you get them to all sleep in the same coop? there is a size difference and petunia chases the little ones. should i put them together or what should i do?


7 Years
May 25, 2012
Raymore, Missouri
I usually start by introducing my babies to one big chick at a time. The older roosters can be mean so I save them for the last introductions.
Seems no matter what I try the older hen will chase the little ones, but they do eventually learn to get along just be patient. I am currently introducing my 10 week olds to the flock. I have my tamest laying hen joining them during the day. Then they sleep alone at night. I will eventuallu introduce more older hens. ONce they are used to the hens I will add them to the big coop/pen. WE have a place in the barn (big chickens) that goes to a pen out back. and one coop outside For the younger ones, plus I use the dogs pen for the young ones during the day.
Good luck.

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