time to eat aggressive roosters? am I jumping the gun?


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This is my first time raising chickens, so no experience at all. I've got two roosters. I bought two on purpose because I only wanted to keep one, but I thought it would be best to have a couple to choose from. All 10 chickens are about 5 months old, couple of the pullets just started laying.

There's Dave, welsummer, not the alpha. He has already attacked me (turned my back and he jumped on me, scratching my back up). He IS destined for the stew pot...the little turd.

Then there's Satchelmouth, marans, def. the alpha (got his name because he has a big mouth! lol early bloomer). He hasn't ever acted aggressive towards me (although I'm still nervous! not turning my back again lol). He is gentle with the ladies, watchful (follows them into the coop to lay, waits for them). He does his little dance and waits for them to squat, if they don't, he moves on. He SEEMS like a good rooster. Except today he charged my 6 year old. Thankfully she was on the other side of the fence (only 48" elec. netting). I purposefully did not allow her in the run because I wasn't sure how they would act. I'm really the only person that they are familiar with, my kids aren't very interested.

About a month ago one of the roosters puffed up and jumped towards her, but I don't know which one did it.

Is it a bad idea to keep Satchelmouth? I'd probably give him away before eating him because he is good with his ladies, would just mention he shouldn't be trusted with children. If I keep him, he'll always be penned (or fenced off in some way, if let out of the run, only into electric netting). Should I give him a little more time? I was hoping he would mellow out a bit once Dave is out of the picture. What do you think?
IMHO, no rooster should be allowed around young children. None, zero, zilch. Roosters have a job to do, that is to protect and provide for the hens and procreate. Let your kids make pets out of the hens and keep them away from the roos. Even the best of roos can be a little aggressive when a small human, who are known for making noise and moving quickly, approaches his hens. What does that smaller being than their caretaker look like to a rooster? Why a threat of course. Childrens faces and especially their eyes are just at the right height for most roosters to jump up and spur.

Dave likely knew he couldn't beat the alpha so he went after the other challenger (in his mind), you. He wouldn't last long on this farm...and that's coming from a vegetarian.
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I agree, my little ones have only been in the run a few times and always at my side (and not recently now that the roos are maturing...spurs are starting to show). I plan on setting up a little tractor in our smaller fenced in backyard area with just silkie hens. Its my youngest that actually has an interest in them. She wants to help so bad but I just don't think its a good idea.

I wanted to take care of Dave this weekend, but my husband had other plans. And I'm certainly not ready to do that alone. We're barely ready to tackle this whole butchering thing as a team lol

I guess I won't hold it against Satchelmouth just yet....he his good to his ladies and that is why I have him afterall

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