Time to let family out on pond?


12 Years
Apr 18, 2007
4 goslings and 2 adults in the nursery/hatchery pen. The youngest gosling is 3 days old today about the others are 4,5,6 days old.

The geese typically run around on the property free range. I've had them in the nest/pen area for the whole month of setting/hatching/etc. with pen open for adults to come and go from nest but when hatched everyone got locked down for the past week. It has grass/etc. and is pretty nice but the adults are wanting out with the family to go walking about.

Are the babies too young to venture to the pond?

The pond has catfish (not huge but medium size) and red-eared turtles small to medium (I was told they are not the type that eat baby ducks/geese) and it is in open area with some reeds around it and all but getting there they have to cross about a 100' open field from the house to the pond.

Should I go and stand by watching for MR HAWK? He's the problem out here - red-tail chicken hawks/etc. But it's big sky so usually we see him coming. He hasn't bothered the geese but I don't want any problems!

I take the chickens on walkabout with a big stick!

Is it too early or should I let them out and go swim/play at the pond?
It is not recommended for baby geese to go out onto a pond until at least 2 weeks and then they shouldn't be in deep water. Not only will catfish and bass eat the small goslings as well as many types of turtles. It seems strange because they are geese but some domestics will actually drown in water until they they get their underbelly feathers in good which is around 3 weeks old. Usually the parents will protect from hawks etc...but if the tiny ones stray away from parents a hawk will definitely swoop down and pick up a tiny gosling. Enjoy your new goslings
I agree. Just leave them in their nursery pen where they will be safe and avoid the main pond for a few weeks. You've worked so hard to get those goslings there's no need to rush it now. Of course you could let them roam a little further but only for short periods under direct supervision.

The brooder pen has had so much water in it it and it has grass in it but it is starting to smell a little mildewy.... I don't know what it is.....

Mamma wants out with them so bad and to takethem to the pond when I let them out to graze around we have a battle constantly keeping them up close to the house/pen area.

What do you do to keep the pens clean and dry - and will that mildew smell go away?? I don't know what it is.... just damp ground I guess.

I want to let them out on their own so bad but just can't cause the pond is like 100 feet away and she wants on it bad.

I will definitely wait because we have 3-4lb catfish in there and I don't want them to eat one - we only have 4! Yesterday the 1st hatched was 1 week old so I guess I have 2 more weeks here.....

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