Time to let the roos go


9 Years
Jun 5, 2010
Beaver County, PA
My babies have gotten big enough to identify the roos..... I'm really a small-time chicken owner and since I hatched these myself, I'm really attached. Maybe if I had a couple dozen it wouldn't be so hard but I have a flock of 3 and will have 5 in the group once these grow up to join the adults.

I am in love with the adorable EE roos. Both have awesome personalities, color, muffs and beards. I'm just sad and wanted to share...
i feel your pain....
are there any sales or buy,sell, trades coming up in your area?
you could list them on a Craigslist type advertisement
i always like to give them every chance at a great life with their own families
I actually have them listed on CL. The only person who responded doesn't sound like he has their best interest at heart so I'm really torn and am stalling before answering him further.
If you're getting an uncomfortable/fishy vibe from this person, I'd go with that gut feeling and try to find someone else who you feel more comfortable about giving the roosters to.
Some people eat them, which we may have to end up doing with some of the extra roos that got sent with my hatchery order (though I'm gonna try and rehome them first). Some people may have a lot of hens and wish to keep several roos with them. Some people have several different breeds of chicken and keep roosters of each specific type to use for breeding purposes. Some people just like roosters. The biggest issue, and one I'd try to find out about if someone seems suspicious to you when asking about your roosters, would be cockfighting. Sometimes, even with non-game breeds, people will still try to get them for this purpose.

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