Tiniest Egg I've Ever Seen! Who laid it?


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Apr 7, 2009
In the corner of the pen with my bantams, I found the smallest egg! In the picture, there is a regular banty egg, a quarter, the tiny egg, and a standard size egg. It is so tiny and cute! I have never seen anything like it!


I wonder who laid it...there are two banty hens and their two chicks. I got them a month ago from a lady giving them away on craigslist. She told me the chicks were 2-3 months, which means they are now 3-4 months. I wonder if it could be their first egg? They are still much smaller than their moms and it seems early for them to lay!! Any ideas?
It couldn't have been one of the chicks. They aren't old enough. Sometimes hens will lay a "dud" egg. They are so cute, aren't they?
Getting one of those once in a while is normal.
I had one of my older hens lay a very tiny egg. It turns out that is was only the egg white in it, not the yolk.
I call them "egg farts"
. My golden campine has been laying them for several weeks now. I love to give them to my dog and watch him toss it and play with it for awhile before he finally gets a tooth through the shell and finds out that they are tasty, too.
I love seeing all the pics of the 'wind' or 'fart' eggs lol...I have never had one! Now I can join the club
I am going to have to blow it and save it, and see if there is a yolk or not.

The reason I was really wondering if it was one the banty chicks that laid it is because it was in the corner of the pen on the ground, and the hens lay regularly in their nest box...guess it is still a little bit of a mystery!

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