Tiny Briny(Brine Shrimp/Sea Monkeys) Mini Tank Kit-Great For Kids

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    Sep 24, 2010
    Up for bid is one Brine Shrimp Mini Tank Kit for Kids.

    Kit Includes:

    One 24oz. Mini Tank fish bowl
    100 Tiny Briny Eggs
    0ne Water Kit Packet(To add to water)
    Tiny Briny Food
    5oz. of Sand
    One Plastic Tank Ornament
    One 3x Magnifying Glass
    A Set of Instructions and Basic Care Guide

    What Are Tiny Brinies?

    Tiny Briny is just my name for Brine Shrimp. Brine Shrimp, a close relative of the Sea Monkey, are tiny aquatic crustaceans. When they hatch they are no bigger than the head of a pin and grow to be 1/4" to 1/2" in length which is almost 500 times what they started as. The eggs can stay viable in a dry, oxygen free space for ten years or more!

    Why Are they So Fun and Good Gifts?

    Brine Shrimp are very easy to care for take and up very little space. Kids love watching these little guys grow and they can learn a lot from watching them and researching them. It is very amazing to watch them grow from the dirt like eggs to a fully functioning living organism.

    Shipping will be $12.00 for this kit.

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