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    Oct 22, 2013
    I have 5 chickens, 2 buff orpingtons, 1 production red (these 3 are about a yr old), 1 white leghorn and 1 EE or Americauna (were unsure about her, we got her and the leghorn from someone moving and were told she was a white leghorn but she has puffy cheeks and a small comb). The EE we dont think is laying yet, though we think she is of age, her partner in crime the white leghorn we assume is laying bc were getting nice size white eggs (she just started laying a couple weeks ago). for the past 2 days we have gotten a tiny egg from someone? unsure who it is from, my buff and production girls have NEVER given me a tiny egg. but the color of the tiny egg is the color of the eggs my buff girls lay...could my EE/Americauna or whatever she is be starting to lay and giving me these tiny eggs? I havent cracked them open to see if they are "fairy eggs". I will post pictures of my 2 white girls (ages are unknown, but 1 is laying a white egg everyday and just started) and of the eggs. [​IMG]
    The smaller one happened yesterday, then the longer one happened today.
    This is just a comparison to a normal size buff egg I get. This was from yesterday.
    EE/Americauna? in the back, White Leghorn and my Production girl
    one of my buff girls
    love them! they are so friendly!

    Nothing has happened to "disrupt" the egg laying that were aware of.
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    Could be your white EE, if she is a Leghorn cross that didn't get the blue egg gene, they usually lay light brown eggs... the eggs should get bigger. Could also be one or more of your other girls coincidentally laying fairy eggs twice.

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