Tiny White Silkie thinks she can beat up my dog and cats

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    Jul 13, 2011
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    [​IMG] My Silkie hen, snowball charges after my dog, Klöe. She puffs her wings out and fearlessly charges after my dog 50 times her size! At first my dog, would put her tail between her legs and run off as she was surprised by my chicken and her bravery, a sight that had me rolling with laughter! [​IMG] I have spent an eternity training Klöe not kill chickens, so she is generally not a chicken assassin- a statement my late moscovy ducks would disagree with, as they died at klöe's hand- or shall I say jaw- when she played dunk and catch the duck- till they could play no more, and expired. That was one sad [​IMG] day, poor ducks, may they rest in peace.

    Back to the story of Snowball and Klöe.

    Klöe has finally figured out that this little chicken is just crazy, and has decided to play [​IMG] with the Snowball!

    This morning I peered through my living room window, and noticed my dog tossing something around. To my horror [​IMG] it was Snowball, my white Silkie hen! In shock I ran outside and Klöe dropped snowball in shame [​IMG] and slowly backed away from the mass of wet muddy feathers. Snowball was soaked though all her fluff and blackened with mud- (she apparently got dunked in the pond by Klöe.). Suddenly, the feathered mass sprang to life [​IMG] like a scene from the last Matrix [​IMG] movie and CHARGED full speed, wings dragging the ground heavy with water. Her charge was so convincing, Klöe ran away in terror! [​IMG]

    I brought her in the house and checked her for wounds and dried her in front of the heater. She did not have a single injury! I truly believe I heard her cluck, "let me at him, let met at HIM! [​IMG]

    I live in Hawaii and like my chickens to free range. In fact there have been some ferral chicken that have come out of the rainforest and bred with my white Silkie rooster and have produced some very interesting chickens- but that's another story!

    How can I stop snowball from her fearless behavior of attacking my dog! She is my favorite hen and I love her very much! She is so tame and gentle, but when she sees the dog she becomes a warrior stopping at nothing to kill the enemy! Only problem I have done the math and I see the opposite happening! Her luck may run out someday!

    Any ideas, I hate to keep her caged up. She will even attack the dog tied up and eat his food!

    Otherwise she is the most tame, gentle, lovable chicken I have ever had!

    I appreciate any advice you have!

    Worried in Hawaii
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    Wow! Great story! I'd love to see video of that. Do you have any idea what snowball would do if she actually got a hold of Kloe? Maybe you should put a leash on the dog and let out the mad chicken and see what actually happens? Maybe if snowball got a hold of the dog just once it would be over. I can't imagine a chicken doing any major damage to a large dog.
  3. BigIslandBirdman

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    Jul 13, 2011
    Kurtistown, HI
    She has actually got to the dog and like any good fighter she goes for the most vulnerable places- Klöe's nose and eyes! I'll get a video of it later and show you- right now its a little past 2 am here in Hawaii.
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    Nov 30, 2010
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    I have two Golden Buff hens and let them free range. Henrietta is the one that will charge at my cats and dog if they get too close to her. She is the most gentle, tame hen around us, but apparently doesn't want any other animals close by. All three of my cats avoid her and my dog (Basset) walks a big circle around her so she won't get chased. My girls know their names and will come running when I call them. Your Silkie has the personality of a Yorkie; hee hee.
  5. N&MSchroeder

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    Feb 4, 2011
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    It sounds like snowball's name needs to be changed to something fierier. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. babigyrl22

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    Mar 29, 2011
    that is one tough silkie!! I would definately like to see a video of that. [​IMG]

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