Tips at counter type food places?


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I've always been a very generous tipper at restaurants. Then they started putting jars out at places where you order at a counter and take it with you. Like the hot dog cart that the guy owns. He's making a profit on the food and wants a tip too. I understand at a restaurant. They make less than minimum and get taxed on their receipts. They stand around waiting for you to make up your mind and then have to keep checking to see if you need anything else. Good service is appreciated. At a walk up counter they stick your food in a bag and make change. What do you people think?


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I've also seen many of those tip jars, which just so happen to mysteriously disappear when the higher ups are there? Funny, huh? I wouldn't do it, they are getting paid for their work. At a sit-down restaurant, part of their 'pay' is the tips they are left. They have to claim their tips as income on their taxes. Tip jar types don't. I also don't leave a tip (usually) at a buffet restaurant. The only thing they get for you is your drink, and if they had the darned drink thing in the buffet area, that wouldn't even be necessary....but that's just my two cents

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Now, this is something I haven't seen yet. I don't usually tip a beautician that has her own shop, because she gets it all, but if its someone working for someone, I always do because they get a percentage . . .splitting tips stinks too, because you always have one that is slacking and the others do all the work . . .but the slacker gets the same cut . . .my daughter is a waitress and she would be fit to to be tied if she had to split tips with some of those young girls she works with. . .


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You know I used to think the same thing about buffet restaurants too, till I really thought about it. I think the buffet servers do more than the other sit down restaurant waiter/waitresses. In a regulare restaurant, they come, get your drink order, get your food order, bring it to you, then, sometimes if you're lucky they refill your drinks. At a buffet restaurant, they get your drink order, then depending on the restaurant, bring you plates and drinks. Keep the drink refilled, plates cleared, more plates. I think they do as much if not more than other places. JMHO


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I don't tip if I'm not waited on at a table. I've done a lot of serving in my time and I am a darn good tipper when it's deserved, but if all you are going to do is stand behind the counter and put my food in a bag, I'm not going to tip you. Now if you want to carry it to my truck for me I might give you 50 cents lol!
I agree on the buffet servers, they do work pretty hard keeping the dirty dishes picked up, the drinks full, new plates coming, and I know they get stiffed a lot. One of my former students works at Golden Corral and she's had people flat out tell her not to expect a tip because she's not "waiting" on them, they have to get their own food. If she didn't bring them a clean plate, they wouldn't have one for their food!

Last time I asked, food servers made $2.70 per hour plus tips. If you are in an industry that gets tips they are not required to pay you regular minimum because your tips are supposed to bring you up to at least minimum wage. In this economy people can barely afford to go out to eat sometimes let alone leave a decent tip, it's usually $1 if they are lucky.

For example:
1 hour $ 2.70
4 tables @ $1.00 = $4.00
Total for 1 hour: $6.70 BEFORE taxes, you tell me who can live on that.
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Here in Washington, waiters get minimum wage or greater, and we have the highest minimum wage in the country.

I don't eat fast food, but do go to counters occasionally (like Starbucks of course this is Seattle) and always tip if the service is timely and friendly.

Recently spent several days in downtown Boston. Was amazed at all the carts selling food on the streets. We don't have them here.


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