Tips for dealing with rough drakes?


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Oct 19, 2016
I have 6 females and 3 drakes, spring is pretty much here and the drakes are acting horrible! One drake attacks the other two drakes and they just run away from him or they'll just fight each other or gang up on one. Two of my female ducks crest are pretty much completely gone as the drakes have ripped out the feathers when mating. Does anyone have any tips or things I can do to help deal with this? I didn't know drakes could be such brats

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Oct 3, 2009
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Boy they sure can. I would separate the drakes from the females give your girls some time away. If the drakes gang up on each other then let one out at a time to be with the girls and see if having 1 drake to the females will work. Your 2 penned up won't be happy but at least the girls won't suffer so much. Only other would be to rehome 2 of the drakes. I keep 2 drakes one has 4 females the other 6 never see a female with pulled feathers.

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