Tips for Wet Weather (Pacific Northwest)

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    Jul 17, 2012
    Ok, peeps - chime in. I have a small flock (7 birds) in my backyard. They have a comfy, cozy coop, and a fenced in area to run around in. I'm slowly adding sand to the run, to try and keep the mud down, but I live in the Pacific Northwest, and the RAINS HAVE ARRIVED. Expect grey skies and wet ground for the next 9 months.

    Any other Seattle chicken mamas and papas out there that want to share tips with me? The run, at this point, is mud. I rake it out every few days, to get out any plant matter they don't want to eat. This helps to keep the whole run from just turning into muddy clay. Any other ideas??

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    The best solution to mud is more sand , making it about 6" at least. Build up the side of the run with boards, and turn the run into a "sand BOX" so it can drain, and the sand can't just spread out
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    I also live in the Pacific Northwest and I just cover my runs with tarps, really big tarps.
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