Tips on Introducing New Adult Female to the Flock ?


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Jan 10, 2020
Hello! Tomorrow I'm going to pick up a 1-year-old female duck, and I was curious as to if there is any precautions I should take when I bring her home? I currently own one male Pekin and two Rhode Island Red hens. The male Pekin is also a year old. I was just wondering if there's anything I should know about before I introduce them? Are they like cats and dogs where they need to be in separate pens but can still see each other before they live in the same run together or what?
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It should be love at first sight!! But you still want to give them time. Actually to make it easier on your new female maybe you could get even a few more females to go with her. Drakes are extremely rough on females during mating and one female will get pretty beat up from the drakes attention. The best ratio is 3 an up females to each drake.
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