Tips on what I should look for when buying chicks from people?

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    I am looking to buy from a nearby person who cannot keep his flock anymore. What should I look for to make sure they are healthy?

    I WILL be keeping them quarantined for a month. Is that long enough?
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    A month should be a fine quarantine period. Just be sure to keep them TOTALLY apart from your other birds - like on the completely opposite side of the yard, or in a garage, basement, etc unti lyou can integrat them.

    I'd look for bright eyes, clear nostrils, healthy looking combs and wattles. Listen for signs of labored breathing ( not just panting from heat) and coughing. Check their legs and feet for evidence of scaly leg mites and/or bumblefoot. Check the overall feather condition - are there bare spots, or feathers very dull and bedraggled? If so, is it from an overamourous roo, or time for molt, or just bad overall condition.

    Pickup the birds and check that they seem heavy enough for their size. While you have them picked up, check the vent area for signs of bulging tissue, mites or other abnormalities.

    Finally (or maybe FIRSTLY...) look at the overall facilities where the birds are kept. Are they overcrowded, filthy pens, really nasty water, no feed, etc. (of course some dirt is normal wear and tear with chickens, but you know what I mean...)

    And ASK a lot of questions like:

    what are you feeding?
    do you do any routine wormings or treatments?
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    and dont forget to kick the tires! Sorry, couldnt resist.
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    That's a great list! I bought some chickens about a year ago and that's the advice that I should have had. Everything ended up okay, but boy oh boy was the place that I got them a mess and the birds were poorly maintained. It's taken me a year to bring them up to speed and even so, they're never going to be as robust as those that I've raised on my own.

    Great advice!
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