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    im so tired of going to doctors. My dd was born with a chd (congenital heart disease) called pulmonary stenosis. she has had a few balloons done to manage this. We have to go to the Pediatric cardiologist every 6 months an hr drive away. Then we found out she needed glasses = check ups every 6 months. Then we got referred to an eye Specialists 2 hrs away to fix her eyes. We have to see him every 4 months plus Patches every night and possibley another surgery. Then yesterday she started to have trouble hearing so off to the pediatrician we go. She said she has fluid on her ears and now has to go to an ent doctor AHHH!! Oh and while doing he screening for the referrell they discover her iron is low. So we come home with a claratin(for the runny nose she has) amox, and Flintstone vitamins with iron. I know there are kids with way worse problems who have to see way more doctors but I'm still sick and tired of it thanks for listen I just had to get that off my chest and the dh(not the father) wonders why I don't want to have another child right now but after a miscarriage then this I worry it may be something gentile that it might happen again
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    I have never had to go to the doctors that much but it has to be frustrating. Time and travel asside, I don't like most docs. They either know they know everything or are trying to prove they do. Add all the frustration of road trips on top of that...

    :hugs Hope things settle down for you and dd.

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