TN White Silkie Eggs

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Silkies Sebbies OEGBs
11 Years
Oct 16, 2008
Middle TN
My silkie girls are still laying and I can't winter chicks again in the house like last year. SO....what does that mean.....someone needs these eggs. I can send 6 at a time, will take trades, cash, sad stories, etc but you have to pay the shipping.


EDITED TO ADD- I am only at the computer M-F at work. If you are PMing me with no response on the weekend that is why.
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my 2 silkies would be so happy to have their own kind hatching...

how much for 6 shipped to 33513?

the used incubator i bought hates me, so these would be going in a brand new one
I just lost my favorite chicken to an owl last week. She/he was a 12 week old white silkie named Q-Tip. Q-Tip was my first silkie and she/he was so soft and gentle.

How much for 6+ eggs? I'm in CA zip 92082.

Thank you.
Hey! I may need a few if I decide to pull the bators out again, I'm debateing. I was hatching this time last year, and since I sale alot of birds its good to have half grown chickens in the spring.

How you been? hows flynn??
i would LOVE 6 and these will be my first eggs to go into the bator i have no chickens so this will be a great start for me

can you tell mr how much shipping is to 29445

will be more than happy to wait my turn in line
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Hey where are you located here? My daughter hatched a few silkies but none were white and she really wanted a white one..but they are SOOO cute!! I would be interested especially if your close enough to pick up.My bators are still busy with a few spots left
Hi I am in nc oklahoma I recently paid big bucks for silkie eggs had bator going for days maintained temp and humidity watched it like a hawk...went on lockdown and didnt open bator once fed water in from a homeade funnel with a plug from the side .....out of 13 eggs only 2 hatched a little buff and a tiny little black so little I dont know how he is surviving, the size of a acorn.... but I kiss him every day and tell him how happy I am he made it..the buff is fat and sassy little stinker.
I dont know what went wrong.... but I pitched my old bator and bought a new one. I am ready to give these two some playmates.
How much for 6-12 and what would shipping be to 74647
and do you think they would survive the trip with us post office?
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