To All of you who know Acre's and her family.

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    This is the update from yesterday and what happened when they were leaving the hospital.

    We made it home a around 9:30 p.m. tonight and I thank and praise my Savior that we made it!!! What was a happy time of being able to leave the hospital...right outside the door turned almost deadly!!
    It was right at 8:00 p.m and we had packed up the very last of our items to carry down, we were escorted by the secretary on the Peds floor down to the front entrance. While they waited in the lobby for me, I let them know it would be a few minutes because I had to let the truck get just a little warm. Well, I backed up and pulled around to the front door. At the front door there is a sidewalk with those protector bars for vehicles that may get out of control and then there is wide walk-way for the pedestrians. I got out of my truck and walked around it and was standing in the middle of the sidewalk and motioned for Mary (the escort) and Samantha & Heaven...well, they came on out and Heaven got into the back seat and Samantha opened the passenger door as I walked to where Mary was which was about a foot or so beside Samantha and I took some flowers from her to put into the truck, well, i walked to the drivers side and put the flowers in the back floor-board. At this point I heard and loud thud and Samantha said Momma!! I stood up and there was a Nissan SUV about 3 feet from Samantha and Mary!!! My heart stopped, went to my stomach or was just hiding somewhere in my body. The lady driving had cam in vertically toward us down the sidewalk and if Jesus hadn't put His mighty hand in there she would have ran over Sam and Mary and then hit the truck where Heaven was seated. Only about 3 inches of her bumper caught the safety pole in front of the hospital and that is what stopped her. The lady was having a seizure and her doors was locked, a man tried busting her passenger window with his keys and then I remembered I had a small hammer in my dash and Sam got it for me and I handed it off to him, he busted the window, jumped into the truck and put the SUV in park. I thank my God above whom I love dearly for watching over us when we least expected it. All I could do was to stand there and cry tears of joy that Christ reached down and protected my girls and Mary from this awful accident. Thanks you again Jesus and thanks to all who are praying for our family...please don’t' stop because the old devil is mad cause he ain't winning!!! [​IMG] you all and again.....Thanks
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    My gracious, if that didn't make my heart drop, and I'm only reading it! I am so thankful that everyone is okay, and that the good Lord is always watching! [​IMG]

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