To catch a predator WARNING GRAPHIC PICS!!!

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Dec 15, 2008
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For the passed several days I've tried to be humane and use a large have-a-hart trap, which turned out to be a useless purchase.
Tried the inhumane trap which I borrowed from an employee at TSC. Finally got the predator after 2 days:




The dump cart pictured now has a really chewed up tire, guess that the coon thought that was what had him trapped. Had to finish him off with/put out of misery a shot from a 410 shotgun.

Will ask the TSC employee if I can buy the inhumane trap...
I am sorry the havahart didn't work for you. Between a dog and the havahart, my dad has had good luck.

I would be seriously worried that an animal you don't want to catch, like a pet or a child, would be caught in that trap you have though.
My FIL has a few live traps from TSC or hardware stores. They are cheep and rarely work. They either do not trip the latch to close the door or the animal gets back out. When we started see coons and possum in the yard I posted about a good trap. There we a few suggestions and we ended up buying a Tomahawk trap made in Wi, USA. It is very sturdy and the first night we put it out mr. possom was in it, second night mr. racoon. Both are gone and will never be back. I googled tomahawk traps and bought it on line. We are very happy with it. MY FIL's cheep trap is in a garage with all the food eatin out of it and never tripped. I am glad you got your coon but I just wanted to say there are good live traps out there you just have to look I guess.
The only thing that makes that trap inhumane for coon is it's size. Invest the $6 for a Duke (or any brand, but Duke's the cheaspest) 1.5 coilspring. Properly sized and used foothold traps are not inhumane. A trap in the 1.5 size would have caught the coon by the pad of the foot, and wouldn't have caused it any undue pain. If you want a trap that looks like the one you have, but properly sized, buy a #11 longspring. Kinda hard to tell from the pictures, but I'm pretty sure that trap is a #3 longspring...used for coyotes mainly, and sometimes beaver...much too big! You can buy single traps reasonably on ebay. For coon, do yourself and the coon a favor and buy nothing larger than a 1.5 size.

P.S. - I'm not an animal right's crazy... I'm a coon (and coyote aka "yote") trapper. For more info on trapping, check out the forum
The trap you used is called a leghold trap. They are not inhumane if used properly. They are just like any other tool, if used properly, just as humane as a havaheart; if used inproperly that is when they are inhumane. Even a havaheart trap can be inhumane if used improperly!

Glad you got your coon, just wanted to clarify that the legholds are no more humane or inhumane as a firearm or havaheart trap. You can buy legholds online and as long as you purchase the correct size and check the traps often then they are as humane as the havahearts. When used properly, they shouldn't cause anymore harm or damage than some bruising and soreness.


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