To Eat, Or Not To Eat?


Oct 6, 2017
That is the question...

I have lots of chickens about ready for the dinner table. I think I've got a good feel on who is a boy and who is a girl, but I wouldn't mind a second (or third, fourth...) opinion. Also, if you have an idea as to what kind of chickens I have I'd love to know!

Thanks :)

20180311_154423.jpg 20180311_154114.jpg 20180311_162737.jpg 20180311_154402.jpg 20180311_154332.jpg 20180311_154329.jpg 20180311_154325.jpg 20180311_154205.jpg 20180311_154150.jpg 20180311_154148.jpg 20180311_154143.jpg 20180311_154142.jpg 20180311_154140.jpg 20180311_154138.jpg 20180311_154134.jpg 20180311_154114.jpg


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Is it? Because I want to know if they're roosters. Because if they are I'ma gonna eat 'em.
Cool w/me.. just some of the peeps might be a little sensitive towards the subject title. We process some of ours too. Can't offend me. Good luck with your endeavors..:hugs
Here’, I’ll go first.
  1. Rooster. Which is sad because he’s really neat looking.
  2. Group picture. Didn’t mean to post it but I did it twice.
  3. Rooster, obvs. Not going to eat this gigantic boy but I’d love to know what he is.
  4. Rooster. But he’s so small and cute. So sad.
  5. Pullet? Fingers crossed? Please?
  6. Pullet? idk
  7. Pullet? Gold laced something?
  8. Roo.
  9. Roo? idk
  10. Rooster
  11. Rooster. Maybe. Getting a little feisty, may have to eat it regardless.
  12. Pullet?
  13. Tail feathers say rooster?
  14. Rooster
  15. Rooster.
  16. Group shot again!

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