To free range together or seperate?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by briana1975, May 19, 2010.

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    We are now up to 4 coops. The Big Coop is for our turkeys and layers. All standard size. The second coop is just a trio of Seramas. The third coop is a temp coop for new chickens, broody's, hurt, or young chickens. The 4th coop is the newest and it will be for bantams and smaller sized chickens. Right now I free range almost every afternoon as long as we are home, which is almost always.

    When everyone is big enough in the bantam coop I would like for them to free range also. Should I alternate days, or let them all out together? And if I do let them all out together will they go to the right coop to roost? The coops and chicken yards are not on different side of the yard. They have a 4-5 foot trail between them and around them, so they can all see each other all day.

    What do you guys do with more than one coop?
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    I have just one coop. It's divided in 1/2, because my BA hen was broody and it was much easier to have peace at night with her seperated from the roo. Then her peeps hatched, she demanded solitude and total security for her babies! One hen sleeps with the roo, my only laying hen; she's an Ameracauna. The BA is easy to herd into her private room with her brood of 3 biddies. The roo & the other hen wait & go to their room just before dark.
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    I would try to free range them together. You may have some fighting so supervise at first. I've had 2 coops and they always went back to the right one. I know people who have 3 coops and they say the same thing. Still, I'd be around at sundown the first few nights to make sure everyone finds their place. Good luck.

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