To heat or not to heat


5 Years
May 13, 2015
Hi all,

Just a quick question. My roos are approximately 4 - 6 weeks old and live in a rabbit hutch in my kitchen at the moment. There's a cozy compartment they can go in and it's draught free . It's roughly going to be around 36 to 40°f tonight. Do they need extra heat if they are indoors

Foster's Freehold

8 Years
Jun 7, 2013
South Central KY
They shouldn't. Have you been having a light over them? They should be all feathered out and it's time to wean them off extra heat if you have been supplying it. Do you have a way to take them outside a bit every day? Keep leaving them longer and longer so they are adapted to outside. My 4 wk pullets are in the coop with a huddle box and a covering over their crate. I put them in another crate in the run during the day. I think it got down about 30ish last night and they did fine on their first night out.

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