To honor "Red", my friend, who passed away this morning

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    I have a friend named Red (I know, original), He was a large RIR who was between 6-7 years old as far as I can remember. About 3.5 years ago he was blinded in one eye by a fellow roo (grrr!) and was moved from the coop (general population) into the basement for much needed TLC. He was such a good boy and would let me treat his eye without flinching and would stand in a warm epsom salt bath for his troubled feet like he was enjoying a day at the spa. While in the basement rehab a young, beautiful cochin moved in (she made her nest in there, go figure!) and they became the Romeo and Juliet of the mt. top. They moved into their own private cage outside of the basement and he helped rear her babies and went on to have 3 clutches of their own. He was so sweet to everyone and to her but sadly he lost her last fall while she was protecting her babes from an unknown predator (prob. a coyote). Afterward his arch nemesis, Bumblebee, kept messing with him so he was moved into the dog house inside the fenced in lot of my backyard, actually attached to my back porch. Yes, I wash poop off the porch and step in it and drag it in from time to time, but I love him and was glad to have him there. Occasionally one of the bantam roos or the silkie roos will cross the fence and go after him to which he would scream "MOM!" (ok, not SURE that's what he was saying but sounded like a mom distress to me) to which I would run out and he would run behind my legs and laugh at the little bantam for messing with him. Oh, I am missing him so already! A few weeks ago he lost a toenail, and a bit of blood, I didn't think much of it but a few days ago, I noticed he wasn't walking around like usual and lo and behold, he had an infected foot. He went on antibiotics and metacam, and was eating just fine, even this morning. I had been soaking his foot once or twice daily and using vetracine, digging out puss and this morning when I removed the bandage his foot looked so good! I was encouraged! I took some stuff to flush it and was able to find the pocket and flush it out using a rubber syringe tip and was happy with the stuff that came out. All of a sudden he began to fight (not uncommon for him to do) so I moved him over onto his other side and he just reared back and began to die. I couldn't stop it and am heartbroken to say the least. Blubbering like a baby :( Life will not be right without him out there waking me up at 5:30 with his glorious crow. I miss him already. I lose chickens from time to time but he was no ordinary roo, he was special. One more note, related? Not sure but maybe. About 5 mins after he passed, I was standing on the porch sobbing and I hear a buzzing in my ear. When I turned to look, there was a hummingbird about a foot away from me who then flew in front of my face and looked directly at me, flew around my house and did the same thing again before flying off into the woods. I waited several mins but it did not return and although I sometimes see hummingbirds around here, this was very unusual. Thanks for reading about my special boy and pray for my broken heart and that of my kiddos when they come home from school. Sad day on our mt.

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    Sorry for your loss.
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    Aw, so sorry... [​IMG]
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    Really sorry for your thoughts are with you [​IMG]
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    So sorry for your loss.
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    I'm so sorry for your loss. [​IMG]
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