To many roosters!


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Sep 4, 2013
At least 4 of my 9 "hens" are in fact roosters. 2 are bantam frizzle Silkies. 2 are Delawares. What do I do. It seems I can't even give them away! No one wants them. I don't know their specific ages. They just started crowing. My hens aren't laying yet (of course with as much as I know they could ALL be roosters!) will they start hurting one another? Will they hurt my hens? I have in total 5 bantam silkies and 3 Delawares and 1 black Orpington. Can I keep them all? Please help.
Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan

That really is too many roosters for the hens you have. You might try posting on Craigs list, but be prepared they may go to someone who will eat them. You might consider doing that yourself, Delawares are excellent meat birds and very tasty.
My Delawares seem so light weight. How heavy do they need to be to eat them? Though the thought makes me cry, so does the thought of them killing a hen or each other.
silkies can't be accurately sexed till 4-5 mos. of age- so mistakes happen. Other breeds usually start showing male characteristics sooner. Really the best thing is to buy older birds that are just starting to lay eggs - so you can be sure they aren't roosters. Alt of people have too many roosters that's why it is so difficult to find homes for them.

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