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to paint or not to paint

Discussion in 'Coop & Run - Design, Construction, & Maintenance' started by sunshinedaisy, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. sunshinedaisy

    sunshinedaisy In the Brooder

    Jun 16, 2011
    Ok the DH and are are working on the coop... and we are trying to decide do we need to paint the interior or not what are the benifits of doing so and if we choose not what could happen?[​IMG]

  2. Vtchicks

    Vtchicks In the Brooder

    Jun 16, 2011
    Rutland, VT
    Paint makes cleanup easier and helps the wood last longer by repeling some moisture. It really depends on how long you want the coop to last.
  3. AmyQ

    AmyQ In the Brooder

    Jun 12, 2011
    so glad you asked this as it was one of my questions too! thanks!
  4. crazyhen

    crazyhen Crowing

    Aug 26, 2008
    mtns of ,NC.
    I vote paint also. It makes the coop easier to see into, It makes the walls easier to scrub. It discourages bugs and you can see any that is there better. I went to Lowes and got OOPS paint that some one did not like after it was mixed. Get a gloss or semi-gloss for easier cleanup. You will not be sorry you painted. [​IMG] Gloria Jean
  5. ll

    ll Songster

    We painted - and love it. Bare wood can absorb odor, and yes easy to scrub [​IMG]
  6. Toothless Willie

    Toothless Willie In the Brooder

    Apr 6, 2011
    Prime and paint. Unless you want green-brown walls from poop, then possible mold/mildew/fungus growing on that.

    Untreated/painted wood will begin to absorb Amonia and the stink will never leave.

    Humidity can get quite high in the coop. Condensation will make decomposition of the wood fiber quite rapid.

    In our area Carpenter Bees and Termites are a possibility. A good thick coat of paint on every exposed surface is a sound precaution.
  7. sunshinedaisy

    sunshinedaisy In the Brooder

    Jun 16, 2011
    ok. i am going to paint the inside whaether or not he likes it...so i went to the paint store today.. should also asked this earlier... I know its should be at least a semi gloss or gloss does it matter if its interior or exterior????

  8. RiddleMe

    RiddleMe Songster

    Feb 8, 2011
    Central Oregon
    You'll hear high-gloss exterior paint is best. But... I used kilz primer, then porch paint for the floor (exterior, moisture resistant, and high traffic) and kitchen/bath paint on the walls. I picked the kitchen/bath paint for the walls because even though it's interior paint, it's designed to resist moisture and be scrubbed, and they had plenty to choose from at the Habitat Restore. So far, everything cleans up really easy!
  9. bryan99705

    bryan99705 Songster

    Definatly paint.....it protects from rot and mildew plus stops poo absorbtion (which leads to a perpetual stinky coop) I used high gloss white as it stands up to bleach water scrub downs and helps with interior visibility
  10. AmyQ

    AmyQ In the Brooder

    Jun 12, 2011
    sorry to jump on this topic - if the chickens are already in the coop, i wouldn't think that the paint fumes would be good for them...but i definitely don't want to leave them out in their run all night...what would you suggest? and if you are going to say that they definitely can't stay in the coop (which i'm assuming is correct) how long until they can be put back in?


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