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  1. chickmommar

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    I place ducks and geese for the local rehabber. It's springtime so we are getting abandoned Easter/spring ducks. If you are interested in learning more about what we have, please feel free to email or PM me. We look for homes where they can be pets, not dinner or sold for profit or bred as a business (to make more ducklings we will get later to place). We want them to be enjoyed and have a nice duckie (or goosie) life. We don't require a pond but do want some sort of means to try to keep them safe from predators (my pet ducks live free on my pond so I know there are many ways to do this that don't include expensive building projects!). I'm in the Norman area but will drive a couple of hours in all directions to bring the ducks to new homes or to meet you partway as needed. Thank you.
  2. luv2bmemaw2

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    Mar 31, 2009
    Claremore, OK

    I would LOVE to re home any ducks or geese that you may have. We have pens that we put ours in to protect and and let them out when we are outside with them to watch. We actually started getting ducks, chickens, etc for our grandaughters to learn and have fun with. Please contact me.



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    Donna - I've emailed you. I'd love to hear more from you - and from anyone else who might be interested now or in the future. It's a continual battle to find good homes for all the abandoned ducks and geese we get. Thank you.
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    Apr 9, 2009
    Bartlesville OK
    I live in Bartlesville, I have a small hobby farm and I always have room for more ducks or geese. I have well protected pen about an acre or more in size that I keep my chickens and geese in. I have no ducks but have been wanting some. Please let me know if you need me to take anything. I go to stillwater once a month or so.

    Thanks John
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  5. chickmommar

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    John - and others who have emailed or PM'd me - thank you so much! I was rather despairing before I posted the message and you've all been so wonderful to offer homes. I will email everyone to get info and work with all of you. We get ducks and geese all year round so I need lots of homes throughout the year. I'm just thrilled with such a wonderful response. Thank you all and I will email everyone to get your info and interests over the next few days.

    Anyone else who wants to get involved, feel free to email me or respond too. I greatly appreciate all the help![​IMG]
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    I'm trying to contact luv2bmemaw and sydni about some of these ducks but am having no luck with email and PM so I'm trying this. If either of these folks see this, please email or PM me. And thanks to John and catatebird with whom I've been in touch about adopting some of these guys. I'd be happy to hear from others who might offer good homes for ducks or geese. Thanks.

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