To roo or not to roo...


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Apr 13, 2011
That is the question.

My mom has been wanting chickens for a while now and last week I surprised her with 4 little pullets. She had her little coop & supplies already, but for various reasons hadn't taken the plunge & bought the birds yet. Since she's never had chickens before & it's getting on towards summer, I decided to go with slightly older pullets rather than new little peeps. They're supposedly 6-8 weeks old, but I think the smallest is a bit younger. Because I wanted older chicks, I ended up not getting the breeds I went to the farm planning to get, but I ended up with a red sex link, a Silver Laced Wyandotte, a brown Danish Leghorn and a white Plymouth Rock.

While my mom is quite enamored with her new friends, she's set on getting a rooster. I don't really see the need as she doesn't plan to hatch any chicks, but in her mind, her little flock isn't complete without a rooster. I would rather she get a fifth hen-in-training. Are there any benefits of having a rooster? She says she won't mind crowing and they live outside of town so no noise or other animal-related ordinances.

If she does get a rooster, would it be best to get one the same age as the girls, or younger?

As the unofficial Rooster Champion of BYC, my vote would definitely be to ROO!

A good roo is worth his weight in gold. A not so good roo makes great soup.
Oops, forgot to answer your question. My opinion is same age, slightly younger. I've heard other folks say the opposite, older roo.
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You don't have chickens if you don't have crowing....

Obviously that's an opinion, but really, if she wants one, why not? Sure, there are benefits. It changes the flock dynamics. If there is no roo, a hen will take over the role of leader to one extent or another, sometimes even not laying, trying to crow and climbing on the backs of other hens as if mating. A good roo keeps the hens in line and controls bullies. He provides protection, serving as the lookout, warning of danger. He finds goodies for his girls and will not eat treats til they all have had at least some. And they are beautiful!
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The rooster helps keep the flock together and will protect them to the best of his ability. I would suggest a roo the same general age as the pullets. Roosters rock! Go for it.:)
Yep....absolutely a benefit for the hens...they are good at keeping their eyes on the sky. I wouldn't however,have one roo to only 4 hens...ratio varies i think with breeds some but I've heard 8+ hens for 1 roo. If not you'll have featherless hens that are stressed.
I LOVE my roos
No, no! ME FIRST! I have NINE, count them, 9 roosters! And those are just the grown up crowing ones! I'm sure there are more in the 30 some tween-aged chicks and 15 or 20 chicks in the brooders.

Mine must only go to a good home where someone wants a rooster for a flock. Otherwise they will live out their lives with me.

Megs' mom is a perfect candidate for one of my most excellent roosters!
Ok,ok, win this time! But I have TONS of roos...too many to count in my meat pen..( most are starting to crow!)..AND I have some younger in my laying flock for now....AND I don't know how many silkie roos I have out of 7....AND the 3 stooges....OH...and a trio of D'Uccle roos!!
OOPS! Almost forgot my little SD OEGB roo!

OR maybe her mom needs a drake.... I have lots of those in pretty colors too
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