To sell: 21 duck eggs ($25 shipped )

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  1. chickenlisa

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    Apr 9, 2007
    I have 21 duck eggs- either pure Cayuga, pure Blue Swedish (or black) , or a mix. I've hatched out 14 so far...and they were Black Swedish, Blue Swedish (I have both Black and Blue Swedish adults,) Cayuga (all black), and a very dark blue-gray solid colored (mix?) beautiful girl(I think) duckling. They are almost full sized now, but are only about 8 weeks old now. Can't tell for sure who is a boy or girl. I did sell 9 of them so I've got 5 to keep now.
    I'd sell these 21 eggs for the $25 shipped price too, as we are going on vacation this weekend and they'll have to be fed to the animals if they don't sell.
    I ship USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation....
    Let me know asap with a "Sold" post and I take paypal only to my email address...
    (I have EE chicken eggs to sell too- please see that post in the chicken eggs BST section)
  2. stormie

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    Jun 23, 2008
    I would love to purchase them, but I only need two... Is it possible I could buy two?

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