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    Jan 10, 2017
    We have a very broody hen that is an amazing Mama.. problem is she went broody sooner than expected. We are in Michigan and I am skeptical about letting her hatch some chicks this early. I am really looking for some input in what you guys think... possibly miss our Mama window or let her set this soon?
    Also... we were considering ordering a couple hatching eggs and letting her incubate them, not use an incubator. What are your thoughts on this and where have you purchased eggs in the past?
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  2. I have a Hen in my garage setting Chicks and long as you set things up properly for her, she will be fine. My eggs are due to hatch this week....I thought I heard a peep yesterday?

    Best of luck...

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    Has she hatched before?
    I let a hen set in a frigid Michigan winter, it worked out ok tho I was able to separate her from flock with a wire wall and was there to monitor liquid water multiple times daily, not sure I'd do it again.
    This time of year you'd have to get local eggs as shipping in the winter is even riskier than it usually is.
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