to the post who thought they had mean chicks

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    May 2, 2008
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    There was a poster a coupple days ago that said their chicks were getting older and their pecks were starting to hurt them and that they would always pick at the rings..

    mine do the same thing.. but today I tried something different..

    when they climbed up on my lap and started to peck where it hurt.. I would start petting their chests and running my fingers through their feathers.. they would change their chicken sounds and stop pecking..

    Mine are so friendly and jump right up on your lap but they peck and it hurts. they are getting bigger .. I do think they are showing their love and are very friendly so I am just showing love back.

    try that see if it works..
  2. We have chickens that love to peck at the sparks from rings and even necklaces....
    Actually one of my sheep seen the ring one day and bit at it before I knew what happened they had gotten one of the dimonds out of my wedding ring.... [​IMG]

    As for the chickens....I know ours love to have there chest rubbed and they even go into a minni trans if you rub there waddles and combs.....

    Hope they stop bitting.....

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