To Treat or Not To Treat - Corid

Miss Pearl

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6 Years
Aug 14, 2013
I have 4 new Wyandotte pullets that are 4 months old. I noticed a trace of blood in one of their stools last week. I purchased Corid to treat their water for 7 days. However, I no longer see any blood and everything looks normal with their stool. My question is, do I go ahead and treat all of them, and if I do, should I not keep the eggs of the older Barred Rocks that lay each day? The Wyandotte's are not laying yet.
If they aren't otherwise acting sick, I personally wouldn't treat.
Every once in a while it's not unusual to see a piece of blood/tissue in a dropping.

I do not know if amprolium passes into eggs or whether it's harmful to humans

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