to wash or not to wash or discard all together

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    kind of a long story, but I traded eggs for hatching with a guy I have dealt with in the past. I really wanna put them under my broody but his flock has ILT (so he says). now...I got 2 leghorns from him last year and they introduced the disease to my flock. I thought it was MG and have been treating my flock for MG and it is working. just so you know what the history is here, not concerned about transmission of disease through the egg cause if it's ILT it wont be passed through the egg and if it's MG it will be, but I am already on top of that disease. I am assumingthat whatever disease we have is the same cause it was his birds that gave it to my flock in the 1st place

    I wonder if I should:

    1) get rid of the eggs/eat them
    2) wash the eggs to get any live contaminate off of them and then put them under the broody
    3)just stick em under the broody

    My concern is that the shell will have other unknown contaminates or may create an outbreak since the broodies dont eat and drink as well and may be more susceptible to illness. but idk if the egg shell will act as a vessel of transmission for anything

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