To wash or not to wash?

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    Well, now that I finally got my first egg, I have a couple of questions. I know I've read about it before, but I'm hoping to get some opinions. Do I, or don't I, rinse off the egg before eating? Why or why not? Something about a bloom? Is it best to wash them before giving or selling them to people I know?

    Also, now that I will be getting eggs, I see no point in ever buying eggs from the market again. I occasionally give eggs to my girls. So, do I now feed them their own eggs?! I'm sure that must be what everyone does, and I'm sure it won't feel so strange once I actually do it, but really?
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    Congratulations! This is very eggsiting. Here's what I've learned about the bloom. When an egg is laid it is covered with a thin coating that keeps the insides from evaporating. This is the bloom. A seal of sorts. There seems to be some question as to how long an unwashed egg will stay fresh, but if you don't wash your eggs they'll keep on your kichen counter for "a while". ( Maybe someone else has more details on this.) I kept our first eggs out for a few days to marvel at them, now we just rinse them and put 'em right in the fridge.

    When you do rinse the eggs, use water warmer than the eggs. This removes the bloom. You want to wash your eggs off before eating to keep germs from the shells out of the inside. Again, there may be a more scientific answer out there, and would love to hear it!
    It's fine to feed your chickens thier own eggs as long as you cook them. No shells. You don't want to give them any ideas!
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    Quote:I do not wash them, not for me or anyone else. However, if there is a lot of poo on the egg, I will try to get it off for other people.
    Yes, I feed the eggs back to the girls if I have some, they love it.
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    Smoky73.................I LOVE, love, love, your website!!!! Your Rhode Island's are Beautiful!
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    Common practice is that you should not need to wash eggs and thereby remove the bloom. If your eggs are poopy, you are probably not gathering often enough, sometimes two or three times a day depending on flock size.
    You may need more nest boxes if your eggs are getting poopy...or need to refresh the bedding or straw more often. I don't think hens like to poop in the nests but sometimes it gets carried in on their feathers.
    One easy way to get poop off is fine sandpaper...this preserves the sealing qualities of the bloom.
    You can feed eggs back your girls, cooked mashed eggs are a good way to do that, feed the shell only when finely mashed or ground so they don't get the idea that a whole egg is a target. We add the crushed shells to the feed. We also have a hopper with crushed oyster shell and sometimes put the shell in that. The oyster shells can provide grit for the gizzard as well as additional calcium for the hens.

    Enjoy your flock....nothing like fresh eggs!!
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    We wash before use. We poured over books when we ordered our first chicks four years ago. (I hadn't discovered BYC) in thd books it said there is a coating on the eggs that helps preserve them and not to wash until you use them. I just let anyone who buys or we give eggs to that we don't wash them and tell them to wash before they use. Hope it helps.

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