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    Jul 28, 2010
    I know this is a common question, but I thought I would ask it again. Do people wash there eggs or what? We got our frist one yesterday! [​IMG] But we have 22 girls, and we will be selling eggs once they all get going. Just not sure what a person should do. Also should I candle the eggs before selling them? We do have a couple of cockareals and a rooster in the mix.

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    there is a thread on here about it. Use the search bar up on the blue header.

    I don't cause it has a protective film from the hen that keeps out bacteria. I wash before eating [​IMG]

    As far as candeling...............not sure why you would do that unless a brody is hatching it out. Then you wouldn't want to sell it or mess with it but let her hatch them out.

    There also is a thread on how to see if the eggs are fertile. you can eat them, they taste no different & no babies cause they haven't been set yet. There is a picture that shows what it looks like, kinda like a bullseye.
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