To wash or not?

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    Whats the deal with washing your eggs in water (or soapy water)? Someone told me not to because bacteria can penetrate the shell. Any truth to that? Thanks. Tim
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    Because egg shells are porous they can let bacteria in. Eggs have a "bloom" on the shell that is supossed to keep bacteria out. If you are going to incubate the eggs do not wash them. If the eggs are for eating, it is okay to wipe them clean with a moist paper towel. You don't want to scrub the egg shell, just get the surface dirt off. Since washing can remove the bloom, it can let bacteria in. There is also a product on the market that is for washing eggs, but I use just water to get surface dirt off. It's not a good idea to use regular soap because it can get into the egg through the porous shell.

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