today is day 4....well around 4pm it will

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    neway....i have been looking at alll sorts of posts on here about candling..hatching...big beautiful pics of babies....just wanted everyone to know that im already OVER EXCITED [​IMG] [​IMG] !! lol...i went down yesterday to check on mama and of course she puffed up and growled..but..she let me pet her...she didnt even try to turn her head to snip at me...she is a good girl...then i had my son lift her up so i can check things out...and of course take out the unfertile eggs that the other chickens r soo far they all look very was kinda sticking out from under her a little so i had my son lift her back up and rearrange a couple..when i left this morning to go to work i checked and there she i gave her a couple nibbles of egg/oatmeal mixture i made with some extra eggs i had... [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    Quote:I'm excited for you!!! I'm waiting for babies too. Novemeber 18th is my Hens due date;-)

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