Today is hatch day. A question.


10 Years
May 9, 2009
This is my first hatch and there is a lot I don't know yet. One egg hatched early this morning. I see two other ones that have piped, but nothing has changed since this morning. The pip hole is no bigger than it was. The rest of the eggs are just eggs as far as I can tell. Why did one hatch and the other ones not yet? Could it be that since I only had two laying hens and it took two weeks to save up enough eggs to put in the bator that the oldest is hatching out today and the other ones will come along later? I was not able to candle my eggs, dark shells, and I do not have a candeler.
And should I enlarge the pip holes a little to help the hatch along? All input is welcome.


Flock Mistress
12 Years
Jan 30, 2007
It can take 24 hours and longer from a pip to zipping out, sometimes 36 hours. It's very normal for one chick or two to hatch out way before the others. Your temps might have been alittle off and it's not set in stone they all hatch at the same time. I would not help, it can still be absorbing the yolk sac and you could hit a vein with bleeding. Patience!!!

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